Leading the evolution in financial technology for fair and efficient Forex markets

We are a group of entrepreneurs, traders and engineers working together to innovate financial and trading technology.

Our Mission

Our objective is to enable brokers of all sizes with rapid and transparent access to financial markets. We are committed to upholding the highest standards of business conduct for every creative product or service we launch to the market.

We also pledge to uphold ethical business practices, ensuring that as we expand, our clients expand as well.

Our Values


We are here to win and excel in the right way.


We like to think from different perspectives, driven by a strong curiosity to understand more.


We have the courage to keep trying new approaches to solving old problems.


Our goal is to recognize the problems and not tolerate them.


We hire people not only to get the job done, but to share our vision and life. We value individual talents, but collaboration is essential to unleashing large-scale talents.

Our Advantages

Our experience and expertise lets us outcompete the rest where it matters:

Developing the best technology with colocation to ensure the highest data speeds, sophisticated automated trading systems, and reliable and stress-tested risk management systems.

Stay flexible across all markets by analyzing market trends and developing expressive solutions that can succeed in any environment.

We combine the benefits of trading, liquidity and connectivity to provide better service than our competitors in all areas.

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